Biogen: An analyst said earlier Monday that Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug “is going to be a bust and that makes it so that I am concerned because there’s no reason to stick your neck out like that, unless you kind of know something, or otherwise you got egg all over his face.”

Amgen: “I think if you want to buy Amgen — you get a chance to be able to buy it at $210 and I would take it because it’s a much-better company than it was even six months ago.”

Caterpillar: “I think you want to sell some, trade around it if you are a trader, and then buy it back later. Now, why do I say that: because I don’t think Caterpillar’s going to have a good quarter and I am worried about more trade tariffs.”

Abiomed: “I think the stock’s been de-risked. I would actually be a buyer of the stock.”

Northrop Gurmman: “No, no don’t sell it. I think Northrop Grumman is cheap. The whole defense sector sold off horribly today without any sort of real analysis. … It’s a real good place to start buying it within the next couple of days.”

Tegna: “We have too many digital media marketing companies that I can’t endorse them, typically because I don’t like the tape right now. You’ll get a chance to buy it later.”